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Mickey ear ice cream sandwich 1024x678

YUM: Check Out These Super Cute DIY Mickey Mouse Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s July, which only means one thing – it is finally National Ice Cream Month! There’s nothing better than spending a hot summer afternoon with...
Summer phone cases 01

OMG: 10 Summer Phone Cases You Need ASAP

If there's one thing we know, it's that M Girls love their gadgets. And we're not just talking phones here... After all, half the fun...
Dylan dauzat advice

ADVICE: Dylan Dauzat Shares an Inspirational Message for His Fans

Dylan Dauzat's fans are super important to him — that much is clear just checking out his Twitter and Instagram. He is always reaching out to...
Raini rodriguez july birthday

Celeb Birthdays: Which Stars Were Born in July?

Each month we'll post a gallery that shows every star who has a birthday coming up — so if your special day comes later in the winter (like...
Stars who take ice cream selfies

YUMMY: See Your Favorite Stars Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Did you know it's National Ice Cream Month? Not only is that the best news ever, it's also the yummiest news ever. We have every intention...

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