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Disney derps 12

LOL: Find Out What Happens When You Pause Disney Movies at the Perfect Time

If you're anything like us, then you've seen all your favorite Disney movies — from Monsters, Inc. to The Lion King — at least a hundred...
Taylor swift shocked face

OMG: Find Out What It'd Be Like If Taylor Swift Invited You to Her Apartment for a Pizza Party!

All together now: Shake It Off! That's exactly what we'd have to do to our jitters if Taylor Swift invited us over to her apartment for a...
Dwab sweety high pic stitch

This Week on 'G Nails': G Hannelius Shows You How to DIY 'Dog With a Blog' Nails!

#Hanneliators, who's ready for a brand new episode of G Nails starring G Hannelius?! We are, we are! (And so are our BFFs at Sweety High, too!)...
Cover demi lovato hair

LOL: 11 Times Demi Lovato's Hair Looked Like Food

OMG! We've always known that Demi Lovato loves to switch up her hairstyle. First she had brown hair, then Disney Channel dyed it red, then she...
Celebs who go by different names

OMG: 15 Stars Who Don't Go By Their Real Names

Um, what?! Everything you thought you knew about your favorite celebrities is about to change. Some of the most popular stars go by names that...

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