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Alex angelo my melody

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Angelo Opens Up About His New Single 'My Melody' and His Fans

Alex Angelo just put a huge smile on fans' faces by releasing a new tune! The track is titled "My Melody," and it made it's debut...
Sabrina carpenter sofia carson

Watch: See the New Trailer for 'Adventures in Babysitting'

Get ready for your new fave Disney Channel Original Movie. The latest trailer for the upcoming flick, Adventures in Babysitting, starring Sabrina...
Kira kosarin

Reflecting: Kira Kosarin Shares a Heartfelt Message About Her Time On 'The Thundermans'

Kira Kosarin has been starring as super-heroine Phoebe on The Thundermans for three seasons now and currently, the fate of the show remains...
Ross lynch dog 9

EXCLUSIVE: Ross Lynch Reveals the Shocking Thing His Family Never Had Growing Up

If you've seen photos of Ross Lynch cuddling with Austin & Ally's on-set Cavapoo pup, Pixie, you know that he's an animal-lover....
Liam payne

Change My Mind: Liam Payne Returns to Instagram With Some Cryptic Posts

Ask and you shall receive. Just when fans were starting to wonder where exactly Liam Payne had wandered off to since he's been so quiet on...

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