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Disney Princesses Drawn As Kids

The Disney Princesses are all super stylish in their fancy ball gowns and with their chic hairstyles, but were they just as well put together as...
Dumbo and stitch

7 Adorable Disney Character Edits

There are so many adorable Disney characters that it's hard to pick one as a favorite! We decided to sift through some of the fun, fan-created...
Zendaya coleman ross lynch bella thorne

40 Magical Photos Of Your Favorite Celebrity BFFs At Disney

The Disney Parks around the world are each magical, entertaining and wonderfully fun! But what makes the parks even better? Friends! A bunch of...
Meghan trainor vote for silliest instagram of the week 5

VOTE: Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?

Are you ready for a recap of this week's silliest Instagram pics? Seriously, we DOUBLE DARE you to click through this gallery and try not to...
Merida from brave waking up

HAPPILY EVER AFTER: A Day in the Life of a Disney Princess

How drastically would your life change if you were a Disney princess? What would it be like to trade your every day school life for a royal tiara...

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