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Expecto Patronum: Find Out Which of Your Favorite Stars Are Proud Potterheads!

It's not leviosa, it's levi-oooo-sa! Thanks to Hermoine Granger, we'll never forget that tiny detail. And neither will all of your...
Snow white and prince charming text message1

LOL: 7 Times the Disney Princesses Sent Hilarious Text Messages

If you think the Disney princesses don't have iPhones, think again. Not only do they have phones, but they also send some pretty hilarious text...
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11 Pics That Make Us Jealous of Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson's Friendship

Swifties know that Taylor Swift met Abigail Anderson on her first day of high school (they were sitting next to each other in English class!), and...
Hunger games mockingjay nail art

Mani Monday: 13 Must-See 'Mockingjay' Manicures!

After watching the latest trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 on repeat all morning, we've decided to dedicate today's Mani Monday gallery to the...
Disney drawing princess

OMG: This Disney Princess Fan Art Will Blow Your Mind!

It's no secret we love anything Disney here at M — especially when it involves the Disney Princesses! — so when we found Kristina Webb's...

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