Exclusive: Aidan Alexander and Bailee Madison Dish Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From Their Movie, 'A Cowgirl's Story'

A cowgirls story


If you haven't seen the new movie A Cowgirl's Story yet, it's going to become your all-time fave. The movie focuses on Bailee Madison's character Dusty, who starts an equestrian drill team in her school, with some of her friends. Dusty of course has to deal with the fact that her mom is currently stationed in Afghanistan, since she's an army pilot, on top of practice and dealing with all of her friends and their lives. Girl has a lot going on!

In the movie, tons of Bailee's real-life friends are her costars, including Chloe Lukasisk, Froy Gutierrez and Aidan Alexander. Since the cast was already so familiar with each other, you could imagine it wasn't a super tough for everyone to work together! Aidan told us all about what it was like working with his friends each day and basically they had the best time ever.

"I auditioned, I didn't find out Bailee was in it until I after. I had told Chloe I auditioned for it and she was like, 'oh I'm in that' and we were all really close before that so it was literally one hangout," Aidan exclusively told M. "It was amazing to work with my friends, it didn't feel like work. Everyday was so fun because it felt like I was just going to hang out. I remember the day we wrapped we were all so emotional because we knew we weren't going to see each other everyday anymore."

And for those who are used to seeing Aidan and Bailee's super adorable BFF moments together on social media, you might be in for a but of surprise since the two share a smooch in the movie! Aidan told us this scene was added in and wasn't a part of the original script.

"Me and Bailee have a kiss scene. It wasn't in the script until we were there and the director was like, 'you guys have hugged too many times, kiss!''" Aidan explained. "My favorite scene [though] is me and Bailee on the mountaintop. I think it's so honest and beautiful and you really get to see both Trevor and Dusty be vulnerable for the first time. It's really special and was really fun to film."

Since the movie obviously has horses in it, the cast all really bonded with the animals, well except for Aidan. He doesn't actually ride any!

"I'm the least cowboy in the movie, I don't ride a horse once. I was talking to Tim the director and there's one scene where we're all supposed to be on horses and I'm literally the only one not on a horse," Aidan joked. Bailee on the other hand, told M all about her experience with these lovely creatures and how truly special it was.

"Oh my gosh, they were amazing. And obviously it adds a whole different element to it. We had the best time. We were very fortunate, Cody Smith was our animal trainer, and he had the most beautiful animals, and the most amazing team behind him. They are so taken care of, and so happy. Our movie would not have been made if it wasn't for Cody, and these beautiful animals he works and connects with. I feel like they were more professional than we were," Bailee told us. "I am an animal lover, I love them so so much. We did have a few weeks of training with them just to get comfortable with them, and I felt like they were kids and I miss them so much. Cody actually made me a sweet deal that I can come back and visit and ride whenever I have time."

The horses even tried to steal the scenes from the actors! Well, the human actors in the movie.

"There's actually a couple takes within the film where the horse did things and we couldn't go out of character to react," Bailee explained. "So there are some scenes where my character has her back turned and that's actually me talking to my horse because I was like, I'm taking this opportunity for me to make a moment. You can't predict what the horse is going to do, but there's one scene in particular where Chloe and I are sitting on the hay talking and the horse comes in between us and shakes his head. We turned to each other, and it became this kind of cute and spontaneous moment.'

How great is that? And although Aidan didn't get a chance to really bond with the horses, he did bond with another animal: a cat he ended up adopting.

"It was in an animal shelter, we shot a few scenes there so we were there for like two days and I was playing with the cat all day and I was like I can't just leave this cat so I adopted her," Aidan said. "I told my mom, 'oh yeah you can just got home I'll get a ride with Bailee,' just so I could get the cat without her knowing."

OK, Aidan was totally committed to this cat, who his mom obviously came around to once he brought her home. Precious.


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