Me, Myself & I: Discover Which Actors Have Played Multiple Characters at the Same Time

For some actors, they get a chance to do something not everyone can pull off: play more than one character, at the same time. Whether it's the role of twins or just two people who happen to exactly like each other, they are called upon to take on more than role, which isn't easy. Imagine filming a conversation you're having with yourself?!

Well, with the little help of body doubles, editing and some solid acting chops, these scenes get pulled off perfectly and these actors might actually have you convinced it's two separate people taking on these parts in these television shows or movies. From Dove Cameron, to Jace Norman to Selena Gomez, they've all pulled this off and it's still pretty mind-blowing.

Click through the gallery to see all the time actors have taken on double duty in TV shows and movies!

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