AJ Michalka spills Secretariat set secrets


Hey M Girls-

Today's a big day for horse-lovers everywhere -- the movie Secretariat hits theaters! The flick is the true story of a family who believed in the race horse, Secretariat, when no one else would. Their love and attention turned Secretariat into one of the best race horses in history. We chatted with one of the stars of the movie, AJ Michalka (you probably remember her from the music group Aly and AJ), and she spilled tons of set secrets.

M: So AJ, what was it like working with horses on the set?

AJ: I was very used to being around horses. It brought back so many memories, because I've been riding since I was 6. I competed when I was younger, which I think is so neat. When you can be a young kid around animals, you learn so much.

M:The movie is set back in the 1970s. Did you like wearing those cool, retro clothes?

AJ: I'm actually am a big fan of that kind of dressing. The clothing definitely inspired me for sure. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep the any of the costumes because a lot of it was actual vintage attire the borrowed from a warehouse for films. But just to being in that kind of clothing and to be in that hair and makeup made me feel that much more like I was part of that time.

M: Why do you think M Girls are going to love this movie?

AJ: I think when people see the film, they'll be really inspired whether they ride or not. Horses are such majestic creatures, and the film really captures how powerful they are!

So let's dish: Are you planning on seeing Secretariat? And do you like or ride horses yourself? Comment back!

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Movie Studios

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