Another Cinderella Story comes out today!


Hey M Girls!

So are you psyched to watch Another Cinderella Story -- it hits stores TODAY! I can't wait to check it out -- it looks totes cute and fun...and I think Selena and Drew make an adorable on-screen couple!

When M caught up with Selena & Drew, they exclusively told us tons of deets about filming and what their favorite scenes were -- they both dished that their favorite dance to learn together was the Tango!

Another thing we just had to ask them was about set bloopers! You won't believe this hysterical LOL story:

Drew tells M: "One embarrassing thing that Selena never lets me live down is I don't know anything about driving a stick shift car, but I had to for this scene. I had to stop it perfectly in front of this camera to get the shot that the director wanted. I drove around with a guy an hour before the shoot to practice, and it kept stalling, every single time because I didn't know what I was doing. I just couldn't do it. So we ended up having 12 crew guys push me pretending to drive the car. So it was pretty embarrassing. I crawled back to my trailer afterward. I've always driven an automatic."

Aww, poor Drew! Selena tells M that she made fun of Drew for awhile about his driving skills, but she had a set blooper, too.

Sel says: "My blooper would have to be that there's a scene where my mom is about to come inside the house and I have to run upstairs and change out of my dress because she's the evil stepmother. I have my heels in my hand and I run inside the door, but my heel got caught in the door! As soon as I took off running, I fell!"

Sounds like these 2 had loads of fun shooting together! Let's see how it all unfolds in the movie!

Let's dish:
-Are you excited to watch Another Cinderella Story?
-Are you gonna buy the movie today?

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