Are Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus still friends?


Hey M Girls!

Demi and Miley's close bond has always been one of our fave Hollywood friendships -- we love when fellow stars support each other! But since we haven't seen Demi and Mi spotted out together and they haven't tweeted each other, we worried that these two had a falling out. But no worries -- Demi assures fans that her and Mi are still close buds! Dem recently reveled in a radio station interview, "I just spent the other night with her the other night, she's still a really good friend of mine! We still have fun together."

And when asked if she'd work on music with Miley, Demi replied: "I haven't worked together with her on music. It's all friendship. I don't really incorporate business in my friendships...I don't have a duet with Selena, you know, now, or Miley or anything like that. I like to keep it separate."

Sounds cool! So let's dish: -Are you happy that Miley and Demi are still hanging out?

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