Ariana Grande Calls Her Fans 'Family'!

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Ariana Grande has a massive support system — her family. Mama Grande is always right beside Ariana to love her and encourage her, her Nonna and Grandpa cheered her on when she performed for the Believe tour (Nonna even met Justin Bieber!), and of course, Ariana's brother Frankie Grande has been very vocal about how proud he is of his little sis. But did you know her family support system is actually bigger than that? She has you, her Arianators, and Ariana recently told M that she counts every single fan as her family.

"My fans have my back and I always have theirs too," Ariana tells M. "They are all so important to me."

Ariana has a really unique relationship with her fans. Because she's so active on social media, she started building up a really strong fan base even before her debut album Yours Truly came out. She tweets her fans, likes their pics on Instagram, and even uploads YouTube videos — covers of songs, a makeup video with her then boyfriend, and more. All of these social interactions really help to connect Ari with her fans.

"I tear up just looking at your tweets recently, so I need to express my gratitude — I'm the happiest I've ever been in a long time," Ariana wrote to her fans on Twitter. "Thanks from the bottom of my heart for making me so happy and for being here for me."

But the one thing that really connects Ariana with her admirers is that she counts them as part of her team.

"I wouldn't do anything in my personal life that would shock my fans," Ariana says. "I'm very honest with them. And even though I'm growing up, it's not hard to be a good role model because I consider myself to be their big sister."

Arianators, what's your favorite thing about Ariana Grande? Tell us in the comments!

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