OMG: Ariana Grande Sees Cockroach on the Set of "Baby I" Music Video!

Ariana grande baby i


OMG! You know when you're getting ready in your room and you reach for your hairbrush, but instead of your hairbrush you just see a huge, gross bug crawling across your bedroom floor?

Yep, that's basically what happened to Ariana Grande, but now imagine cameras filming you, people watching you, and that you're supposed to be shooting a music video. Yikes!

While on set shooting her music video for her brand new single "Baby I," Ariana and her pal Scott saw a cockroach. In this Instagram video, Ariana details the sighting, explaining that she screamed and jumped into her friend's arms. WOW!

Have you ever had a scary encounter with a bug like Ariana? Share your story in the comment section!

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