Ariana Grande Wants to Bring Jennette McCurdy on Tour!

Ariana grande jennette mccurdy

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Yesterday we spotted this really adorable tweet from Ariana Grande about her good pal Jennette McCurdy. Anyone who has ever had to temporarily say farewell to a good friend will totally relate!

It got us thinking about how close these new co-stars really are. In fact, they've been best friends for years now!

"Ariana and I met at a 'slime shoot' for Nickelodeon where we were all being covered in slime. That's where most great friendships start," Jennette reveals in the July issue of M.

As you guys know, the Sam & Cat duo has been inseparable ever since!

"We talk to each other about everything, and she always has something very useful to say about whatever I have to ask her about," Ariana exclusively tells M.

"We just get along so well and Ariana really knows how to make anything fun," Jennette adds. "So no matter what we're doing — we were stuck in a dumpster for an entire day while shooting — we have a blast!"

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We love how close these best friends are. No wonder Ariana wants to bring Jennette on tour with her!

Have you ever missed a best bud who was away on family vacation or at summer camp? How did you handle it?

Check out more of our exclusive interview with Ariana and Jennette in the July issue of M, on stands now!

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