Ashley Tisdale stops by the M offices!


It's the M staff with Ash!

Hey M Girls!

OMG -- we just had one of the coolest chicas ever right here in our office -- Miss Ashley Tisdale herself! She was looking super-trendy in her bright blue dress and spilled to M Editor Sarah all about her upcoming CD Guilty Pleasure! It hits in June and Ash describes her rockin' new sound as "being inspired by Kelly Clarkson and the band Boys Like Girls!" Awesome!

Ashley also dished to us about her LOL story involving Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson! Ashley's friend, actress Brittany Snow, introduced Ash to him at a Vanity Fair photo shoot, but Ash didn't even recognize him! "I didn't realize who he was because Brittany had just introduced him as 'Rob'," she confesses. "He was actually super-shy!" Talk about a funny celeb encounter, but she's a lucky girl for getting to meet him!

Let's dish: -Are you excited for Ash's CD? How would you react if you met Rob like Ashley did -- do you think you'd recognize him?

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XOXO, Brittany

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