Austin Mahone Shares His First Time At a Concert

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Austin Mahone is on his way to becoming a total superstar and since performing at the MTV VMA pre-show, it's clear that he loves to perform. Dancing and singing on stage in front of thousands of people isn't scary to him at all -- in fact, he doesn't even break a sweat! But before Austin became such a great performer, he wasn't the person on stage. He was one of the people in the crowd. M recently chatted with Austin all about the first concert that he ever went to.

"The first person I saw in concert was country singer Kenny Chesney," Austin reveals. "Growing up in Texas, country music was pretty big."

But the large crowd and long lines didn't phase little Austin. Can you guess what shocked him? "I was 8 years old and it was pretty cool, except the noise. Everybody was screaming, the music was loud, and I was like, 'Man, how do people even go to these things? Everything is just so loud. I want to get out of here!'"

Eventually, Austin's ears got used to the noise and he could enjoy himself. "It was really fun. IT was pretty crazy to see how excited people get."

From the audience to center stage, now Austin is totally used to the loud noise and he's a pro at putting on an amazing performance. "The energy from my fans is amazing," he tells M. "They keep me going, even if I'm tired!"

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