"Beastly" star Vanessa Hudgens spills secrets to M!


Hey M Girls-

Beastly hits theaters this weekend and M had the opp to sit down with the flick's star Vanessa to chat about movie, feeling like an outsider and her fan-love for Mary-Kate Olsen!

M: Your character, Lindy, is an outsider at school. Have you ever had any outcast moments where you felt like you didn't fit in?

Vanessa: "Oh my gosh, yeah. I mean my entire time in elementary school I had one friend who she was actually a part of the popular crew. One day she decided to introduce me to the crew and they're like 'No, she can't hang with us.' I was like, 'Oh okay, awesome nice to meet you, too!'"

M: How do you recover from something like that?

Vanessa: You know, I just told myself it's not worth it and not worth my time. If they're gonna be like that, then they're not people I want to be friends with!

M: Your co-star in this movie is Mary-Kate Olsen. Did you ever watch her when she was on Full House?

Vanessa: I've never watched Full House, but I loved the home videos she and her sister put out. I adored them! I've been in her fan club ever since I was seven. But when I met her, I wanted to make sure I came off as a friend rather than a fan!

So let's dish: Are you excited to see Beastly in the theaters? Comment back!

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