Hey M Girls!

If you're like me, there's nothing you love more than catchin' up with your besties on the latest celeb goss. Did you ever read the latest issue of M and wonder, what's it like behind-the-scenes there? I was at home wondering that myself just a few months ago, and now here I am wrapping up my last day at the mag! My name is Hillary and I had a blast interning at M -- I got to interview all kinds of stars and attend some awesome events...and now I'm going to share my experience with you girls!

From the get-go, this internship was super exciting! On my very FIRST day, I interviewed Lucas Till on the red carpet at the premiere of X-Men: First Class. My first red carpet was awesome, and my second, the Monte Carlo premiere, was no less exciting. Selena's dress was stunning, and Justin Bieber even made a surprise appearance! (Can you find Sel in the pic above being interviewed right behind me?).

The premieres are glamorous, but by far my favorite part of interning has been interviewing stars one-on-one. The first celeb I sat down with was Cody Simpson. Cody's a total sweetheart and his down-to-earth 'tude def put me at ease. I interviewed Cody backstage in his trailer at KFEST, a huge radio station concert in NY with tons of cool artists. Cody and I were backstage, about to do the interview when who comes running over to say "hi" but Allstar Weekend's Cameron and Nathan. Cody introduced us, and I was swooning over Cam!

Flash forward a few months and I'm sitting down with Allstar Weekend in NYC! The guys were just a goofy in person as they are in their hilarious YouTube vids. My fave part was probably when I asked Zach about "James," the new song about Cameron on All The Way. Michael joked, "It's a love story about Zach and Cameron. To which the Zach replied, "Uh, no, not really." with Cameron adding, "Don't even put that out there. People already think weird stuff." I of course, couldn't help blurting out, "Zameron?" and we all just starting cracking up. Highlight of the day? Hmm... prob tied between Cameron remembering me from the meet-and-greets I've seen them that or Zach singing "Mr. Wonderful" to me. Gooood times.

I was lucky enough to chat with so many great stars. Victorious' Daniella Monet and Jessica Jarrell def stand out in my mind because interviewing them was more like a sleepover -- except instead of talking about that guy in homeroom...Jess is giving me scoop on the Biebs and Cody Simpson and Daniella's spilling on Avan, Leon, and the BTR guys!

Speaking of the Big Time Rush guys, did I mention I saw them in concert not once, but twice this summer? The guys are too nice! In fact, when I ran into James Maslow backstage at an event and called him "Jamez," he laughed, and I could tell he appreciated that I watched the show.

My final exciting event for the summer was going to see Joe Jonas perform at NYC's Fashion's Night Out. I was right in the front, Camp Rock's Anna Maria Perez de Tagle was pretty much the only one in front of me, and I shot a great vid for all you M Girls!

Overall, I had THE best summer here! And if you're passionate about entertainment and journalism, I encourage you to pursue it in school! Things like participating in my school newspaper and being an active tweeter are what helped me land this position. Who knows, maybe you could be in my shoes sometime soon?

XOXO M Girls, Intern Hillary

So let's dish: -Which star would you be most excited to hang with? What's your fave behind-the-scenes story?

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