Best Book of 2011: The Hunger Games vs. 13 Reasons Why


Hey M Girls!

It's officially December, which means we're getting ready to kiss 2011 goodbye forever! But before we do, it's time to recap: Every day for the next month, M will ask YOU to vote on the Best of the Year -- from movies, music, fashion trends and more.

Today's topic is "Best Book" and our two nominees are Jay Asher's 13 Reasons Why and Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. Why'd we pick 'em? Well, 13 Reasons Why is a super-emotional read about bullying that struck the hearts of SO many peeps, including celebs like Selena Gomez. And no one can deny that The Hunger Games was he-uge in 2011. Even though the book first debuted in 2010, it really climbed to the top of everyone's "Must Read" list when the movie version was filmed earlier this year.

Vote for either book (or choose "Other") below, then make your arguments in the comments section!

This poll will close at midnight tonight, and we'll have the next category up right after!

UPDATE: Yesterday, we asked you who should win the "Best Newcomer of 2011" award and the results are in! Idol winner Scotty McCreery took the crown...congrats, Scotty!

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