M Exclusive!: Big Time Rush Talk One Direction!


Getty Images / WireImage

One Direction got one of their big breaks opening up on tour for Big Time Rush -- remember those days?!

It's hard to believe how far both bands have come since then, but here they are! BTR, whose album 24 Seven drops today, talked to M about how they'd advise the guys in 1D on handling fame, fans and anything else thrown their way. Their response? The guys don't need much help!

"Let's just say when they were opening for us, their fan base was blossoming," James Maslow told us. "But those guys are great. They’re great with their fans, too. When they were on tour with us, they’d go out and say hi and stuff, so they’re definitely good guys."

Logan Henderson added, "Good dudes."

We love that! Rushers and Directioners, do you hope a reunion tour happens between Big Time Rush and One Direction? Tell us in the comments!

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