Clearing the Air: Cameron Dallas Sets the Record Straight About His Rumored Romance With Sofia Richie


It's been a bit of puzzling situation for fans as they've been trying to uncover the truth about Cameron Dallas and Sofia Richie's relationship. Are they officially dating? Or are they getting to know each other and it's nothing serious? Cam has been very vocal about how he would love to be in love and now, it looks like the world might finally know what's really going on here, straight from Cameron himself.

Cam was spotted leaving a restaurant with his good friend Taylor Caniff, when some photographers had a chat with him. They flat out asked what the deal is with Sofia and if they are in fact dating, and he said there really isn't anything romantic going on right now.

"Oh no, we're just friends. I feel like if I hang out with any girl [there are rumors] though. She's dope," he said.

OK, so nothing official is going on between them right now, but the photographer then asked the Internet star if he would ever consider taking the model out on a date.

"I don't know, I think I have to get to know her a little more," he replied.

So there we have it, straight from Cameron: he's just friends with Sofia now, but who knows what may happen in the future. There are new photos that have surfaced of Sofia FaceTiming Cam when she was out and about in London, so perhaps they really are just trying to get to know each other before they figure out if they're going to try dating. The Outfield star even tweeted about how he's still looking for that one right girl him.

Looks like he's still single, but Sofia and Cameron would make a rather cute couple if we say so ourselves!

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