Camp Rock 2's Mdot injured after a serious bike accident


Hey M Girls,

TMZ is reporting that Camp Rock 2 star Matthew 'Mdot' Finley drove off of a 100-foot cliff in Malibu in his Ducati bike. Reports say that he was trying to make a turn when he lost control of the bike and went crashing down the side of the cliff. Mdot is OK, but has multiple compound fractures as well as injuries to his face, head and leg.

In a statement, he said: "I crashed hard, but the love and support from my friends, fans, and family have helped ease the pain. I love riding, almost as much as I love dancing. I'm praying to be back doing both soon. I want to thank the brave responders, firefighters, paramedics and doctors who rescued me and saved me."

We're so sad to hear the news but we're glad he's going to be OK.

Leave your well wishes to Mdot here and we'll make sure to pass them along to him!

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