Wardrobe Malfunction?!: Carly Rae Jepsen Nixes Boob Tassels On Tour!


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Carly Rae Jepsen is known almost as much for her fun style as she is for her catchy songs like "Call Me Maybe" -- almost! But there's one outfit accessory she really wants to stay away from now on: Boob tassels. Wait, what?!

“We had a hilarious mishap the other day because we had these, like — I would almost call them boob tassels!" Carly giggled to CBS Radio. "I don’t know, there’s no other word for it … The idea was when I spun, I would have these streamers everywhere coming down from my neck."

Sounds pretty cute, right? That is, until Carly actually had to perform with her telephone wire-style microphone. It was a wardrobe malfunction x 10!

“[It] was a great idea until I brought out my little telephone cord mic and was doing some spins and really getting into the song," she explained. "I looked down and I realized that the tassels have entwined themselves around the microphone cable and I can’t unhook it. So, I’m literally attached — at the boob — to my microphone cable.”


Carly had to be cut out of the outfit to go on with the show. Her wise words about the incident? "I would say, a note of advice: have fun, don’t wear boob tassels. It’s not a good idea."

Watch her discuss the disaster in the video below!

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