SPONSORED: Celebrate Monster High's '13 Wishes' With Gigi Grant and Madison Beer!

Gigi grant 13 wishes

Monster High

We're counting down the days until Monster High™’s 13 Wishes is released on DVD… only seven more to go! We wanted to share the below freaky fab facts about Monster High’s newest ghoul – Gigi Grant, as well as 13 wishes from one of our favorite real-life ghouls – Madison Beer!

Do you have anything in common with either of these cool ghouls?

13 Secret Facts About Gigi Grant
1. Age: Dad says I'm 15, but he lost my birth certificate somewhere between Darius the Great and Julius Caesar, so I'm really not sure.
2. Monster Parents: The Genie
3. Killer Style: Natural fabrics, especially silk, in bright colors. I'm also big on halter-tops, baggy pants and slippers. Basically, I'm all about comfort. Of course, I can't be a total slob 'cause I never know when I'm going to have to pop out for a meeting with the new boss.
4. Freaky Flaw: It's not a real stretch to guess that I'm claustrophobic. Being stuck in a lantern for millennia will do that to you.
5. Pet: A scorpion called Sultan Sting. Don't let the name fool you, he's actually quite unpretentious.
6. Favorite Activity: I love to go sightseeing. It's always a bonus when a monster wishes to take a trip to someplace I haven't already been.
7. Pet Peeve: That wishing for "extra wishes" thing. As if 13 wishes isn't enough.
8. Favorite Subject: Astronomy – I love space. It's just so open and un-stoppered.
9. Least Favorite Subject: Driver's Ed. It's not so much the class but the tiny car you have to drive.
10. Favorite Color: Peach and gold!
11. Favorite Food: My father’s secret recipe for hummus and fresh baked pita. Even after all this time I have never grown tired of it!
12. BFF: I wish I could name just one.
13. Favorite Personal Wishes: A swimming pool, a room filled with ice cream, or a closet full of jeweled gowns.

Monster High

Madison Beer’s 13 Wishes
1. I wish that... I could drink hot chocolate every day of the year.
2. I wish that... I could bring all my New York friends and family to Los Angeles with me.
3. I wish that... I would be able to make music for the rest of my life.
4. I wish that... Bullying – especially online – was eliminated.
5. I wish that... Everyone would smile at least once a day.
6. I wish that... I knew how to speak multiple languages.
7. I wish that... Everyone had the freedom to pursue his or her dreams.
8. I wish that... Everyone was comfortable with who they are.
9. I wish that... I knew how to surf.
10. I wish that... I will always remain a kid at heart.
11. I wish that... I will never lose the love for adventure.
12. I wish that... I could wear sweatpants and watch re-runs of Pretty Little Liars all day.
13. I wish that... Someone will find a cure for cancer.

Are you as excited for 13 Wishes as we are? Do you think Gigi will be your fave Monster High ghoul yet? Tell us in the comments!

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