Check out Debby Ryan's scrapbook from around the world!


The "Jessie" star is exploring different countries!

Hey M Girls!

Debby Ryan has been taking a break from her busy schedule to do something else she loves other than acting -- traveling! Australia, Singapore, India, she's been all over! Check out these super-cool pics from her journey so far:

She posted: made some friends:

Debby Ryan on WhoSay

Looks like she's enjoying some healthy snacks, too! She wrote: folded into the corner of a rad little Sydney cafe & did some damage to a massive bowl of granola, because #YouOnlyAustraliaOnce

Debby Ryan on WhoSay

She's been visiting more than just Australia... she wrote: I miss India.

Debby Ryan on WhoSay

We love these pics! the most spectacular view from The City Palace. I love it here:

Debby Ryan on WhoSay

And talk about adventure! oh me? just rollin' on a camel:

Debby Ryan on WhoSay

And finally, one of her first pics taken on May 10 -- at the Kumbhalgarh Fort, aka the world's biggest wall after the Great Wall. it remained unconquerable, because it's basically super epic:

Debby Ryan on WhoSay

Looks like an amazing trip so far, Debby! She's in Singapore now, so we're sure there will be even more incredible pics coming.

Let's dish: -Which pic is your fave? Do you think it's cool that Debby's traveling all around? Where is one place you'd love to visit?

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