Check out Girl vs. Monster on Disney Channel TONIGHT!


Hey M Girls!

Girl vs. Monster, the newest Disney Channel Original Movie, premieres tonight at 8 p.m. (EST)! Olivia Holt, from Kickin' It, plays Skylar Lewis, a fearless girl who finds out her parents are monster hunters and accidentally releases monsters into her neighborhood on Halloween night! We chatted with Olivia, who not only plays the leading role, but also sings three songs from the movie!

When we chatted with Olivia, she dished one of the on-set spoofs that made it into the movie! "My co-star Kat McNamara made these cookies for everyone and it said GVM for Girl vs. Monster on the cookies and it kind of showed up in one of the scenes! There's a little party scene and we set one of the cookies in there! I don't know if you'll be able to see it, see it, but I think because I knew it was there, it appeared. It was really cool!"

M also chatted with Brendan Meyer, who plays one of Skylar's best friends! We asked Brendan about his fave scene to shoot and he said "We shot in these great woods in Vancouver that have these super tall trees. We shot this scene where I face off against my monster and it was super dark. It was like 1 a.m. and there was fog everywhere and it had really great lighting. It was really cool and it was really helpful that it was already sort of a scary sort of situation!"

So, ladies, why should you tune into Girl vs. Monster tonight? Check out the vid below!

While we were on awesome set with Olivia, Kat, Luke, and Brendan, they signed an orange pillowcase for you to go trick-or-treating with! Enter our contest to win it here!

Let's dish: -Will you tune into Girl vs. Monster tonight? Are you excited to hear Olivia sing?

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