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We're totally loving the newest Disney XD show, Lab Rats! Last night's premiere episode introduced us to Adam, Bree and Chase, a family of three siblings with super powers -- too cool! M got the chance to get all of the inside scoop straight from the stars! Check out our Q&A with Billy Unger, who plays Chase:

M: Hey, Billy! So what's your fave part of playing your character, Chase, on the show?

Billy: Definitely being a part of such a wonderful cast; we call it a family. The cast, crew, writers, producers, and our house director, Victor -- they're all just so wonderful. To me, it's about being a part of something as fun, loving, and big as Lab Rats.

M: Sounds awesome! Have you ever had any funny bloopers on set?

Billy: I have! I was filming the pilot with my co-stars and we were taking a small five-minute break. I was practicing for my scenes, and I was doing a bunch of flips and running up walls -- that sort of thing. Literally, everyone was there watching. All of my co-stars were watching even though they were on break. Everybody was there. The director goes, "Okay, one last flip!" So, I went and I did it. When I landed, there was a big, loud ripping sound, and when I looked down my pants had literally ripped right open from end to end. It was pretty crazy. It was a little embarrassing, but it kind of broke the ice.

M: Too funny! So, we see that you're pretty close with Bella Thorne. What's one thing you admire about her?

Billy: How kind and sweet she is. She's such a sweetheart. Her whole family is, really. She's very nice -- she gives people hugs before she knows them. She's a hugger, definitely a lover.

Aww, so sweet! For more Billy, be sure to check out Lab Rats on Disney XD, and if you don't get the channel, there will be a special presentation of the first episode on Disney this Friday night, March 2 at 9pm!

Let's dish: -Are you loving Lab Rats so far? If so, who's your fave character?

Photo courtesy of Disney

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