Check out the the band, Cimorelli! What do you guys think of them?


Hey M Girls!

We are loving the YouTube sensation Cimorelli, the super talented band made up of six sisters: Christina, 20, Katherine, 19, Lisa, 17, Amy, 15, Lauren, 12 and Dani, 11.The girls just finished writing most of the songs for their first album and now they're in the process of recording their album. We've been hearing so much buzz about the a capella singers from Malibu that M decided to talk to them and learn more about the musical family. Read what the girls spilled to some of our tough questions:

M : We heard that you are working on a new album. What is the vibe of the album? Lisa: "Our album is definitely pop but there is a lot of different influences. Like some of the songs are kind of pop rock, some are dancey, we actually have some rapping on some of them from our little sister. It's going to be really fun and really positive. We wrote a lot of it. It's really based off personal experiences so we're really hoping our fans can relate to them because it's definitely coming from the heart."

M : What is your process for writing songs? Christina: "The process is really cool. We all have our different strengths. One of us will come up with a topic, we'll all talk about it a lot because we really want it to be from the heart, as Lisa said. And we'll all write down tons of ideas for it. And I'm really good at organizing so I'll take all the ideas and I'll organize them into a song together from what I see as the strong parts from each person's part that they wrote. And then I'll kind of piece together all the puzzle pieces that everyone will write. So everyone really has a voice in the writing of every song."

M : We also saw that you worked with Ryan Beatty on a cover of Selena Gomez's song "Who Says." What was working with him like? Lauren: "It was really fun and he's really talented and really nice. He's really cool!" Christina: "We had so much fun because he has a bunch of older sisters so he got along with us really well. And we were all so impressed with how talented he is. Like he is such a great singer and he picked things up so fast. We all want to hang out again. We all got along really well. It was awesome!"

So check out their cover of "Who Says" featuring Ryan Beatty and let us know what you think of Cimorelli. We know we'll be hearing a lot of great things from them in the future and we can't wait to hear their album!

So let's dish: -Do you want to hear more from Cimorelli? Do you like their music?

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