Cher Lloyd Dishes On Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande & Bullying!

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It's so great to see celebs be BFFs when the world seems set on pitting them against each other. Case in point: Cher Lloyd's friendship with Demi Lovato and admiration of Ariana Grande.

In a new interview, Cher revealed that she adores Demi and thinks Ariana is a complete sweetheart -- and gives some great advice on dealing with bullies!

How did Cher and Demi connect? "I actually performed on The X Factor quite a few months ago now. She had invited me back to her dressing room," Cher explained to "I really got along with her, she’s such a nice girl; she’s definitely got a good heart. You know when you could just feel that from someone; a really nice person," she added.

"Then later on, she had asked me if I wanted to put down a verse on her new song on her new album, and I said 'Yes, of course.' I mean, I wouldn’t have turned that down! Now, we’re forming a great friendship, so I’m just really lucky that not only have I got a great song out of this, but I've also gained a friendship."

As for other stars Cher loves? A certain Sam & Cat starlet is one of her favorites in terms of being a positive role model -- and Miley Cyrus!

"Definitely this new Ariana Grande chick; she seems really, really nice," Cher gushed. "Definitely a good role model for the kids."

And what about Miley? "I think Miley Cyrus really stands for something. I really like what she’s doing right now," she said. "I mean, she’s taking a lot of risks, but I feel like that shows that she has passion for what she does, and she wants to explore. I think that’s something that young girls today can take from her. That it’s okay to try new things; it’s okay to step out of your box, and to explore. Hopefully my fans think that of me too."

Of course, with taking risks comes criticism -- and with criticism often comes bullying. How does she think her beloved Brats should deal with jerks?

"My advice for fans that are going through difficult times is to talk to someone about it," she advised. "There's nothing worse than feeling really low, and being in a bad place, than not having anyone to talk to. I really stress that to my fans a lot. It's really important to have your friends or your family or anyone to talk to."

Wise words, Cher!

What's your favorite Cher Lloyd song? Do you agree with Cher Lloyd about Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus being good role models? Who would you love to see Cher Lloyd duet with? Tell us in the comments!

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