Cher Lloyd Shares Her Fun Style With Her Lil' Sis!



Cher Lloyd posted an adorable photo with her little sister, Rosie. It looks like Rosie shares Cher's funky style -- check out her red glasses!

But Cher's admitted recently that being so stylish can be hard to handle, and the difficulties started back when she was on the U.K.'s X Factor -- because a lot of people copied her style!

"It's very difficult because on the show I did the little headband thing with a scarf, folded it and tied it in my hair," Cher told Fashionista (via Digital Spy).

"When I started wearing it on the show, everyone started wearing it," she vented. "Then I was like, okay, now I'm going to have to leave that behind. It's this vicious cycle where you start a trend and then need to leave it behind."

On the bright side, we bet that gives Rosie a ton of awesome hand me downs, right?

Do you share clothes with your sisters? Tell us in the comments!

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