Chloë Grace Moretz on the Importance of Being Nice in Hollywood


Photo: Marie Claire

There's nothing not to love about Chloë Grace Moretz, and the following quote confirms our sentiments. When asked about being nice to other people, Chloë told Nylon:

There are some actors in the world who aren't very good, but when you meet them they're the nicest people in the world and literally the most fun to work with. And you go, 'okay, that's why you work all the time. You're a fine actor, you can get the job done, but you're a great person to be around.' They'd rather pay millions of dollars to be around a fun person than a diva who ruins their day but who is amazing. Be a good actor, do your job, but also be nice because you have no reason to be a diva. There's never a reason for it."

Preach it, Chloë!

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