Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant in theaters TONIGHT! Read our exclusive Q & A with Josh Hutcherson!


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The Vampire's Assistant is in theaters NOW and we're super-excited! We even got the chance to talk to Josh Hutcherson, who plays Steve, about the flick. Find out what he dished to us about vampires, Twilight, bloopers, scary moments on the set and more in our juicy one-on-one:

M: Hi Josh! We're so excited for The Vampire's Assistant! Can you describe your character for us?

JH: My character kind of starts out as kinda a bad guy already in the beginning... he's not a great influence on his friend Darrin, who's really like the good boy in the movie. Basically, he become Vampanese, which is like an evil, kind-of really bad vampire. Not good!

M: So he wants to be bad?

JH: Yeah, he wants to be Vampanese... and here's the thing... in the movie, there's Vampires and Vampanese. Vampires are like, good guys and do the right thing, and Vapanese are bad guys and they don't do the right thing ever. So basically, my character just wants to be bad.

M: Vampires seem to be the "IT" thing right now! How are the vampires in your movie portrayed differently from others, like in Twilight?

JH: In Twilight, it's kinda like vampires are sort-of like a catalyst for a love story, and in Vampire's Assistant, the vampires are what the story is really about. They are a lot more hardcore and they do a lot more blood-drinking and attacking and things like that. The vampires in--not to diss on Twilight--but they're kind-of lightweight... I'm not gonna lie... they're not very aggressive.

M: OK, so you're saying the vampires in Vampire's Assistant are or aren't more hardcore?

JH: They're more hardcore!

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M: So, did you bond with your co-stars while you were filming?

JH: I did, totally. I became really good friends with Chris Massoglia--he played Darren--Steve's best friend in the movie, and also Patrick Fugit, who played Skate Boy... I became really good friends with him, and John C. Reilly--everybody, it was a really great cast and everybody was really nice and I had a really great time with everyone, so we all became pretty close.

M: Awesome. So, what kind of things would you guys do when you weren't filming?

JH: Me and Chris played a lot of basketball. There was a basketball gym close to where we were shooting, and we got to go there and play a lot of basketball. We had little poker tournaments on the weekends at one of the guys' house, so it was a lot of fun.

M: Were there any funny behind-the-scenes bloopers or embarrassing moments?

JH: I messed up a lot sometimes, like forget my line or I'll forget something, or you'll just do the stupidest thing. One time, we were shooting this scene and I had my personal sunglasses on that weren't part of the movie whatsoever, and my character didn't have sunglasses. We were doing this shot all day where I'd walk up and talk to somebody--no sunglasses--and then one time, I forgot to take them personal I walk into the scene with my sunglasses on. And they were like, "Uh, yeah.... We can'--cut--we can't do that." But stuff like that happens all the time.

M: How long did it take before they realized that you had them on?

JH: They went almost to the end of the take!

M: Really?

JH: Yeah, they were like, "Um, cut, you have to take those off..." I was like, oh that sucks... that's not good. And it wasn't even my scene... I was just kinda there--I ruined the scene for somebody else. So I was like, "Sorry! I didn't mean to!"

M: That's definitely not good!

JH: I know, right?!

M: That's pretty funny, though. But OK, since this movie is coming out around Halloween, were there any spooky moments on set?

JH: We were filming in this old, old seemingly haunted theater in downtown New Orleans. So, there was a very, very haunted kind-of feel. There's this one stairwell that you can take down to the basement, and me and Chris Missoglia wanted to go exploring and see what it was, so we went down there with flashlights. And, first of all, it was the worst smelling thing ever--we swore that dead bodies were rotting there or something. But, we were walking down the steps and there's like, rats running around, and that's pretty creepy enough. But basically, this theater was really tattered and worn down because of when Hurricane Katrina hit, and they never revamped it. So it was still torn down and there was a foot of standing water in the basement--it was like rotting and molding and everything. So, that was really, really creepy. There was actually something really scary and ghostly happening... There's a guy in the movie--he's a wolf-man--and he's this giant wolf. I mean, this thing is so real and creepy looking, and he walks around set and sometimes you're not expecting it and there he is and you're like, "Whoa, okay! Okay, you're fine... I know what you are... but that was a little creepy."

So much fun! Thanks for the info, Josh! We can't wait to check it out!

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