Coco Jones chats with M!


Hey M Girls,

Yesterday we chatted with Coco Jones and she dished about her upcoming guest spot on Sunday night's episode of "Good Luck Charlie"! Check out what she told us below.

M: What can fans expect from your "GLC" episode? CJ:They can expect it to be hilarious. This episode involves a big decision that Teddy confides in her friends to help her make, and there's a lot of twists in the plot.

M: Can you relate to your character? CJ: I definitely relate to Kelsey. She's always happy and she tries to make sure that the people around her are happy. She is really sweet and innocent... sometimes a little TOO sweet and innocent. That's where we differ.

M: What other shows would you like to guest star on? CJ: I'd guest star on every show ever with a musical number and dance to go with it. If I have to narrow it down, I would love to be a visiting dancer on "Shake It Up," the girl with a talking cat on "Dog With A Blog," an exchange student on "Ant Farm," a highly sought-after teen scientist on "Lab Rats," or a competing songwriter on "Austin and Ally." Let's get these scripts written, I'm ready!

M: Can you share any funny moments that happened on set? CJ: In between takes when we were filming, Bridget Mendler (Teddy) and Leigh-Allyn Baker (her mom) would sing this old Salt N' Pepa song. They had moves to go along with it, too. It was hilarious. That whole cast is funny on screen and off.

M: What's your favorite Disney show or movie? CJ: Of course, my favorite Disney movie is "Let It Shine," but my second favorite is the Cheetah Girls. I would sing and dance to every song from the soundtrack. My favorite Disney show is "That's So Raven." I loved watching Raven Symone do her thing! She is so talented, and did a fantastic job with all of her different faces and characters on her show.

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