Cody celebrates summer with M!


Hey M Girls!

Check out this exclusive pic of Cody Simpson from our shoot with him -- he had a total blast hanging out poolside with us (an avid swimmer, Cody was thisclose to just jumping in, but he couldn't get his clothes wet!). So what's Cody's fave thing to do in the summer? Surf! Even though he's missing the Australian water since moving to LA, Cody told us he couldn't wait to hit the beach and try surfing here. So fun!

With school starting a few weeks away, there's still time to celebrate summer. Here are 5 way to celebrate summer, and share with us your own ideas in the comments!!

1-Plan a sleepover with your friends and wake up really early (or just stay up all night!) to watch the sunrise. It'll be a sight you'll remember forever! 2-Save all your summer memories by making a scrapbook or putting all your pics on a DVD to watch. You can make copies and give them to your friends! 3-Plan a picnic lunch for you and your buds at the local park or the beach, or even in your backyard! Talk about your fave summer memories under the sunshine while eating yummy snacks! 4-Make popsicles for free! Just pour some of your fave drink (orange juice is my fave!), into a plastic cup, put in the freezer and add a stick. Delish! 5-Decorate your iPod, diary, cell phone, computer, anything with M's FREE stickers that are attached to our August issue! If you have your back to school supplies, stick 'em on your notebooks too! Staring at Justin Bieber on your binder will somehow make math class seem that much faster ;)

Tell us: -How are you celebrating summer? What's your fave summer memory?

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