Cody Simpson Heads to Harry Potter World!



Cody Simpson took his sister, Alli Simpson, and their little brother on a trip to London -- and they had a ball at Harry Potter World!

"Obviously I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter movies," Cody said. "It was really cool to see the places that they filmed the movies in,. The places in real life, and to walk up the streets that they actually filmed it was pretty sick. My little brother and sister really loved it!"

Things Cody learned on the trip? There were about 30 of each of the costumes in the movies, how to navigate on a broomstick, how to cast spells and more. Tune in to see him learn to fly as well as more fun footage from his trip across the pond!

Do you like Harry Potter? Have you ever been to Harry Potter World? Could you beat Cody in a wand battle? Tell us in the comments!

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