EXCLUSIVE: : Cody Simpson on Bullying

Cody Simpson is taking a stand against bullying, and he wants everyone to join him! On Friday, May 3rd, participating schools across the globe will be acknowledging Stand4Change Day, an important day that will encourage an end to school bullying. 

"Students all over the world should be involved in Defeat the Label's Stand4Change Day and take the pledge with us on May 3," explains Cody. "As an artist, I am able to use my voice through music and hope to empower kids to use their voice in their community and stand up against bullying."

To help Cody and those who have been bullied, go to Defeat the Label and ask an adult at your school to fill out the form so you, too, can take Cody's pledge against bullying and support this amazing cause.

Photo from CodySimpson.com
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