Cody Simpson releases new fan-inspired song, "Angel!"


Hey M Girls!

Cody Simpson has been up in the studio working hard on his new E.P. Coast to Coast. We can't wait to check the album out when it drops later this month... and Cody's just as excited for his fans to hear the new music! When Cody recently stopped by our office, he singled out one song he could'nt wait for his fans, the Angels, to hear. Cody exclusively spilled to M on a new track he wrote just for the Angels, saying: "I had this song that I wrote recently with the guy that I worked on "On My Mind" with. And this song is called "Angel." It's probably gonna be on the album and it's dedicated to um, dedicated to them." Wow, soooo sweet! Cody thinks you'll like the song too, adding, "It's probably gonna be their favorite song on there, 'cause it's kinda, I guess dedicated to the Angels."

You can take a first listen to "Angel" right here:

So let's dish: -Do you think it's totally sweet for Cody to dedicate a song to his fans? Are you planning on checking out Coast to Coast when it drops on Sept. 20th?

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