Cody Simpson Shares the Story of His First Kiss

Cody simpson surfers paradise


We're so excited that Cody Simpson's new album Surfer's Paradise is finally out! As you may have noticed, the record is filled with tons of romantic songs, which got us thinking about Cody's love life — particularly, whether or not the 16-year-old singer has ever been kissed!

"I was in Los Angeles on a rooftop of this hotel that I was staying at when I had my first kiss," he revealed in the July issue of M. "It was with a family friend who came over from Australia and we kinda hit it off."

"We were hanging out and went up to the rooftop and kissed up there," he continued. "It was nighttime and you could see the the whole city. It was just gorgeous. There was a garden up there and it had a veranda."

Sounds like a super memorable first kiss! Can you relate? Tell us about it in the comments!

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