YAY: Cole Sprouse Is Returning to TV

After starring as Zack and Cody on Disney Channel's Suite Life series, Dylan and Cole Sprouse decided to take a break from acting and they went off to college. Now that both guys have graduated, one of them has made the choice to come back to TV: Cole took to Instagram to announce he's going to be starring in The CW's Riverdale series as Jughead, based on the classic comic book character.

"So as some of you may have already heard, I'm returning to acting. I'm glad to announce I just got cast as Jughead in CW's official Riverdale series -based on the #archie comics. That being said, I'd like to take the time to clarify a couple points about the character and myself moving forward. 1) To the Archie fans~ As you know, an actor is only one ingredient responsible for the way a character takes shape. Jughead is a very well established and beloved character from a very forward thinking comic series. I personally intend on representing that narrative very faithfully. I'm very aware of what he represents to his fanbase and for character representation as a whole. From my side, I got you guys, and considering the CW is very well versed in comic adaptations, I'm sure they do too. And yes I plan darkening my hair. 2) What does this mean for my photography? Nothing will change. I plan on pursuing both acting and photography simultaneously. I will avoid mixing my acting into this account, as nothing is more distasteful than a guy trying to sell beat headphones across 20 photos. You'll still receive the fashion and landscape work. 3) I appreciate you guys stickin with me, even when I left acting. Excited to invade your private space through your TV sets one more time. #jughead," he wrote.

How sweet is it that Cole wanted to explain to his fans how important this role is to him? The fact that he made it clear he will still stick to his photography as well is just too cool, since it represents how seriously he takes that as well. And now we know he's not afraid of some hair dye too, since Jughead is known for his jet-black locks. This is all just too exciting!

In honor of Cole's return to TV, click through the gallery to see pics from his days starring on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody that will totally get you pumped for his new role. Then tell us in the comments if you're planning on tuning in to the show!

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