M! Exclusive: 'Contest' Stars Kat McNamara & Kenton Duty Speak Out On Bullying!


M got the opportunity to hang out with Contest stars Kat McNamara and Kenton Duty. In the flick, Kenton plays a bully who's forced to befriend the guy he bullied the most -- and Kat doesn't believe his intentions are good.

It turns out that while Kenton plays a bully in the flick, both he and Kat were actually bullied themselves, and they campaign against bullying every chance they get and offered some amazing advice on dealing with bullying for M readers.

"One of the campaigns I work with very closely is Stomp Out Bullying and I'm an ambassador for them and was before this film was even an idea," Kat said. "They're a phenomenal organization that actually makes a difference in the world. It's so incredible supporting them and trying to get their message out there."

As for what to do when you're feeling bullied? Kat's got some wise words.

Know that it's not your fault. "It's hard when you're bullied, but what kids need to know is it's not their fault. Who you are is who you are and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that."

Don't react! "Just smile -- smiling is the greatest weapon you can have a bullying."

Tell an adult. "Bullying can escalate so quickly and so suddenly that it's really important that an adult is at least aware of going on. Then if they need to step in, they already have an idea of what's happening."

Kenton also had his own experiences with bullies as the result of a food allergy, and as a result works hard to combat bullying for others.

"I went through it," he told us. "I was the tiniest kid in my class -- I had glasses and a retainer. And now I'm tall and taller than my best friend who was always a foot taller than me... Now he's one of the shorter ones out of our friend group!"

See? Karma works wonders. But when it doesn't, know that you're not alone -- and it's smart to ask for help!

Have you ever had experience with bullying? Tell us about in the comments, and be sure to check out the Contest trailer below!

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