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1. You've just arrived at the beach with your crush when you realize you forgot your suit! You:

  • splash around in the water anyway. Your clothes will dry.
  • challenge him to a killer game of beach volleyball.
  • get bummed out and spend your time sulking in the shade.

2. You're supposed to hang with your crush, but you have the biggest zit! You:

  • dab on cover-up and go.
  • spend ages putting on makeup.
  • reschedule! It's too embarrassing!

3. At a fancy dinner with your crush, you drop a shrimp down the front of your shirt! You:

  • make a joke and laugh it off.
  • quietly excuse yourself and go to the restroom to fish it out./li>
  • turn red and pray he didn't see!

4. Oh no! You just farted in front of him! You:

  • jokingly blame it on him.
  • blush and say, "Excuse me."
  • pretend it didn't happen.

5. You're at the mall together, and he asks what you think of the shoes he's trying on. (FYI, they're so ugly!) You:

  • say they're okay, then point out a pair that would look even better.
  • try really hard to come up with something nice to say about them.
  • freeze up and don't say a word.

6. You're wearing your grungiest sweats, and you run into your crush at the grocery store! You:

  • stop and chat for a while. You might not look your cutest, but you're still happy to see him.
  • quickly explain you just came from basketball practice.
  • run and hide in the produce aisle!

7. You're jumping on his trampoline, and you fall on your butt! You:

  • laugh and dare him to try falling down with that much style.
  • blush, get up and keep jumping.
  • decide to sit it out for a while.

8. At the basketball game, you spill soda all over yourself! You:

  • dry off and keep cheering. You won't let it ruin the game!
  • go to the bathroom to clean up.
  • hide out in the bathroom until the game is over!

9. You're hanging with your crush, and your cell rings. It's your mom! You:

  • answer and have a super-quick convo with her. Then joke with your crush about how silly parents are.
  • go into another room to talk to her.
  • ignore the call, even though you know your mom will probably be upset.

10. You two are walking your pooch, and you step in dog poop! You:

  • scrape it off on the curb.
  • keep walking but also keep apologizing a lot for the smell.
  • rush home to clean up.

Good Sport

If something goes wrong on a date, you can totally handle it. You have a great sense of humor, so you're able to just laugh off an embarrassing situation. Nothing's going to ruin your good time! Way to stay calm under pressure!

Usually Calm

If something embarrassing happens, you usually keep your cool, but sometimes you get a bit flustered. You're a levelheaded girl, though, and know it's not the end of the world! Try to see the humor in the situation and laugh a little, too!

Panic Attack

If something goes wrong on a date, you tend to totally panic! But trust us, it really will be okay. Just take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Remember, embarrassing stuff happens to everybody (even to your crush!)

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