Countdown to Justin Bieber's 3-D Movie!


Hey M Girls!

We've got a serious case of Bieber fever, so we can't wait for Justin's 3-D movie to hit theaters in February. To make the wait a little shorter, we're going to share a new fact about Justin every day!

Can you believe we're only a day away from Halloween. We can't wait to get dressed up and go out trick-or-treating with our buds. Another tradition we love to take part in here at M? Pumpkin carving! Lucky for us, the people at Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils made a stencil that looks just like Biebs. Of course were super psyched when we found out that we can combine this great holiday tradition with Biebs. Forget Jack O'Lantern, we want our pumpkin to look just like Justin!

Don't forget to check back here every day for another Bieber fact!

Photo courtesy of Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils

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