Countdown to Justin Bieber's 3-D Movie!


Hey M Girls!

We've got a serious case of Bieber fever, so we can't wait for Justin's 3-D movie to hit theaters in February. To make the wait a little shorter, we're going to share a new fact about Justin every day!

We think Justin is totally fascinating, and so does veteran TV Journalist Barbara Walters (you may know her from one of your mom's fave shows The View)! In fact, Barbara Walters even included Justin on her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010. What did Barbara have to say about Justin? Check it out:

"I thought he was adorable. His mother was at the interview, who looks about 12 years old, and his grandparents. He's very talented. He taught himself to play drums, guitar and piano and he played them all for us. And he taught me some dance I could never possibly do. I asked him about dating and he said 'I like older women.' This is a very smooth kid -- and he's only just beginning to shave.

Aww... sounds like Barbara Walters has a case of Bieber Fever!

Don't forget to check back here every day for another Bieber fact!

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