Exclusive: Sisters Dani and Dannah Lockett Dish Out Their Best Love Advice and Yes, You're Basically Going to Be Obsessed With Them Now

If you're in need of some real talk when it comes to love and dating, then look no further than Dani and Dannah Lockett. These sisters, ages 7 and 6, became overnight sensations when a video of the duo talking about Dannah's breakup from her boyfriend went viral. They served up all the sass and because of their big personalities and all around fabulousness, everyone who has checked out their YouTube channel instantly falls in love with them. They're like the BFFs you can always turn to and you know they will give you their completely honest opinions about everything.

We of course just had to get to know the-cooler-than-we'll-most-likely-ever-be sisters, so we asked them a ton of questions about how their lives have changed since this video made it's way out into the world. Plus, they gave their best dating and love advice and their answers are seriously the cutest.

So always wear a dress on a date, solid advice from two girls we pretty much trust like no other. They're love experts after all.

Make sure you follow Dani and Dannah and all of their fab adventures on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at @DaniandDannah.


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