Daniella Monet spills on Victorious & A Fairly Odd Movie


Hey M girls!

We had a blast hanging with Victorious star Daniella Monet when she stopped by our office to chat about her latest project, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! premiering this week on Nick!

And D-Mo gave us ALL the scoop on what it's like behind the scenes at one of our fav Nick shows, as well as what it's like bringing the classic Nick cartoon The Fairly Odd Parents to life in this movie.

She couldn't have been more excited to land the part of Tootie, telling us: "I was a big Fairly Odd Parents buff. I mean, obviously, all I did was watch Nickelodeon, growing up that was the only kid's channel I had, I only had Nickelodeon. I would go to my grandparents house and they would like, cook for me, and I would go and watch Nickelodeon, so Fairly Odd Parents was like, that, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, like I could go on and on, that was my life. So to be here now, and actually be on the station, is just like, I still have to like, pinch myself!"

We totes understand, if we were on Nick we'd be pinching ourselves too! So since she's such a big fan The Fairly Odd Parents, we'll trust her judgment...what are the fans going to think of the film?

Daniella assured us, "I think viewers will be surprised as to how familiar the film will feel. 'Cause I actually had the honor of viewing it, and it was really good. It was really good, it was like, really shockingly good because it's one of those movies you just want to watch over and over again 'cause it feels good, it's like a really good feeling movie. And the music, the colors, and the characters, are oddly similar, it's like strangely good casting, they are so to the T like voice-wise, looks-wise, costume-wise, it just really suits the cartoon so well. I feel like kids will just watch it and be like, 'Oh, ok, I get it!' but it's like amplified, it's reality! It's really exciting."

Sounds awesome, we can't wait to see it! Of course, we weren't going to let Daniella go without giving us some scoop from the Victorious set, and she sure delivered. Check out these 5 random things NOBODY knows about the set....until now! LOL

And don't miss Daniella Monet & Drake Bell in A Fairly Odd Movie premiering Sunday, July 9th, at 8 PM on Nick!

So let's dish: -Are you excited to see Drake & Daniella bring The Fairly Odd Parents to life? -What did you think of the Victorious set secrets?

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