Danielle Peazer Opens Up About Cyber Bullying!

Danielle peazer cyber bullying

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Danielle Peazer used to date One Direction's Liam Payne, and as a result she came under fire from a lot of angry, jealous Directioners. Thankfully, Danielle is strong enough to get through it -- and she's helping other victims of cyberbullying get past it, too.

How does Danielle deal? She told SugarScape, "I've learned now to ignore it completely, but at first it was really, really hard. I've had messages from people telling me to 'go die' and saying things like 'I hope you get cancer.'" Yikes! "Whether they’re trying to be funny or trying to get my attention it’s disgusting -- you don’t say that to your worst enemy, it’s unthinkable," she fumed.

Even though letting mean comments roll off your back isn't easy, Danielle insists it's the best way to deal. "The one piece of advice I would give to anyone that feels as though they are being cyberbullied -- you have to use all your power to ignore it," she urged. "I've never been a massive fan of confrontation anyway, so it’s quite easy for me to be like 'Ok whatever,' and I think if you just realize it's a jealousy thing or an insecurity within the bully, you’re in a better position. You don't need to lower yourself to those bullies."

And she's got a message for those jerks, too!

"Find something better to do with your time! Tweet your friends or tweet celebrities or, if you really don’t like these people, why are you wasting your time in tweeting them? Put your time to better use," she said. "Also, think about what you're saying -- because your words can have an effect on people. There's a person reading that, it's not just there, there’s someone on the other end of that tweet reading it and you are aiming your horrible tweets at that person."

Danielle has joined The CyberSmile Foundation to fight cyberbullying, and she has some ideas on how to make it end for good.

"Stop Cyberbullying Day is on June 21, so we're discussing different ways we can raise awareness for that, like a Twitter silence to actually show how many people are against cyberbullying, and things like that," Danielle said. "There's various ways I'm getting involved, but basically my role is to get the word out there that cyberbullying is not OK as much as possible!"

Have you ever been cyberbullied? Have you every cyberbullied someone else? How'd you deal? Tell us in the comments!

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