Debby Ryan's movie, "Radio Rebel" premieres tonight!


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Searching for something to watch this weekend? Look no further! Debby Ryan's newest Disney Channel original movie, Radio Rebel, is premiering tonight and we've got all the major deets! Debby stars as a shy high school student who lives a double life as a popular radio DJ.

We recently had a phone chat sesh with Deb, where she told us a ton of behind the scenes scoop about the movie. Check out our Q&A here: M: Hey Debby! What was your fave scene to film for Radio Rebel? Debby: My favorite scene to film might have been the scene in which there was a cat and mouse scene, which was really, really fun! In the scene, the mean girl is chasing me around her house and I'm kind of running and hiding from her. So that was a really fun scene to film. I really hope everyone digs it.

M: Sounds cool! So your character, Tara is a totally shy sweetie. What's the biggest difference between the two of you?

Debby: I don't think I'm afraid. I've been afraid, and then I've gotten over being afraid. If I don't like something, I'm going to mention it. If I love something, I'm going to mention it. If I meet you and I like your shoes, I'm going to tell you, in the same way that if I think what you're saying is unnecessary and rude, then I'll probably tell you that too. So I'm pretty candid that way, while Tara kind of filters herself a lot, at least in the beginning. She kind of grows a bit through the course of the movie.

M: Gotcha! Did you and your castmates have any bloopers on set?

Debby: Tons of bloopers! I feel like we just had so much fun on the set. It didn't get in the way of us acting, but it definitely was very present. Half the time we would just crack up laughing. There's a scene where Gavin and Tara talk by the punch bowl at the end of Stacy's party, and it's really the first time they talk outside of school. Adam DiMarco, who plays Gavin, and I were literally just cracking up the whole time and being so incredibly awkward with each other. And Atticus Dean Mitchell, who plays Gabe, would be in on it and it was the end of the night and everyone was delirious and we were just being completely goofy.

LOL -- Sounds like Debby had tons of fun filming the movie! We can't wait to watch tonight on Disney at 8pm ET!

Let's dish: -Will you tune in for Radio Rebel tonight? What's your fave Disney Channel Original Movie?

Photo courtesy of Disney

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