"X Factor" Friendship!: Demi Lovato Is BFFs With Britney Spears & Confides In Simon Cowell!



Demi Lovato is returning to X Factor this season with frenemy Simon Cowell, but she'll miss Britney Spears a lot. Demi revealed that she and Brit bonded over their childhoods in the spotlight and are besties now!

"We’ve definitely bonded, I think because we’ve been through the same stuff," Demi she explained to The Sun of her friendship with Britney. "But if we did have a heart-to-heart I probably wouldn’t tell a magazine about it! It’s pretty obvious that we’ve been through some of the same things for sure."

And don't think that friendship is over just because Britney left X Factor! "We have kept in touch," Demi said. "Our moms have become super-close, which is really random. It’s super-funny!"

As for Demi's relationship with Simon? She actually gets along a lot better with him than she shows on the air! Demi admitted that he's actually one of her closest friends, too.

"Working with him is really great. He’s a really, really cool guy, not what people expect, I think. He’s not as mean as he comes across," she said. "I’ve been able to tell him things that I don’t tell the public — about my personal experiences, my journey and what I’ve been through. He’s been really, really cool about everything. Way deep down there, he’s a good guy!"

Love that! Who do you think is the best X Factor judge? Which of Demi's BFFs do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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