Demi Lovato's Clumsy Confession

Whoops! Demi Lovato recently spent some time in a cast after slipping on a hardwood floor, and she just confessed to Seventeen that she's secretly very clumsy!

Demi explains: "My roommate had just cleaned the hardwood floors at our house, but forgot to tell me. I'm super clumsy so when I walked into the living room, I slipped and fell. I actually ended up breaking my leg! Luckily it was nothing a little Tylenol and an ice-pack couldn't fix, but I had to wear a cast for a while and now everyone knows how clumsy I am!"

Ouch! It happens to the best of us. Have you ever broken any bones for silly reasons? I once broke my ankle after jumping off a rock in my best friend's backyard. The rock was only two feet off the ground... Um, yeah...

Photo from Demi's Twitter
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