Demi Lovato Will Never Forget Being Bullied

Demi lovato


Demi Lovato is one strong girl, but that doesn't mean she's invincible. She's long talked about dealing with bullying, and she admitted recently that she still has to fight to silence the voices of the bullies she dealt with when she was younger.

"I could remember word for word what my bullies said to me," Demi told Fashion (via E! Online). "Last night I had nightmares about it ... just degrading things that hurt me and affected my self-esteem. It affected the way I look at girls my age. I used to fear them."

That all goes to show that words hurt -- and they can hurt for a long time after you say them. So be nice!

Have you ever dealt with bullying? What advice would you give to Demi about not listening to her bullies? Tell us in the comments!

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