Demi's sister needs your help for Dem's Christmas gift!


Hey M Girls!

As fans know, Dem's been in a treatment center in Chicago to deal with emotional and physical issues, and her family has been by her side to make sure she has the support she needs. Demi's little sister, Madison, just tweeted yesterday that she wants to make a book for Demi and she needs your help!

Here's what she tweeted: "Hey guys! I'm making a Christmas present for Demi. Please send me your messages for Demi, I am making a book of them for her! Thank you <3 Tweet the messages to me. I will write it and use your username so she will know who it is from. Again, it means A LOT! I love you guys :)"

Make sure to tweet the messages to @maddielovesyou1

Let's dish: -Will you send Dem a message?

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