Not So Rotten: Forever Grateful to 'Descendants 2' For Giving the World This Booboo Stewart & Mitchell Hope Oh-So-Bromantic Moment


The cast of Descendants 2 has obviously gotten to know each other pretty well at this point. For some of the actors, they've been together for two movies now, so the amount of tie they've spent rehearsing together, filming, doing interviews, and just hanging out. So when the official Disney Descendants Instagram account decided to show everyone what a day for Booboo Stewart is like on set, we knew it was going to be a delight. And perhaps the most unexpected gem from it all is the fact that Booboo and Mitchell Hope have the cutest friendship ever

In one of the clips, Booboo shows how he starts off his day on set of D2 and he decides to make a peanut butter sandwich. This is where Mitchell comes in, since he's there waiting for his bud to finish up and he of course adds in his own commentary, noting at how much of Booboo's muscle work goes into scooping out just the right amount of peanut butter he spreads on the piece of bread.

And it's a very specific piece of bread Mitch points out: cinnamon raisin toast. Watch the hilarious clip for yourself:

It's kind of adorable how Mitchell not only admires Booboo's PB spreading skills but you know, waits around for his friend to be done so they can eat together. Jay and Prince Ben might come from two very different worlds but off-screen, they're bros for life. Who would've thought a mere piece of toast would be the source of this adorable moment we all know have forever.

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