Did Joe and Taylor break up?


Hey M Girls!

OMJ! This just in -- Joe Jonas may be back on the market! Rumors are flying all over the Internet that Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift, aka "Jaylor," have broken up!

Although neither Joe nor Taylor have confirmed that they actually dated, the rumor mill is going crazy saying that Joe broke up with Tay over the phone! (Hmm interestingly enough, Joe told M very recently that the one thing he doesn't get about girls is when they overthink things because he didn't have a chance call them back for "one or two days." "I'm just kind of busy," he told us.)

And then get this, on Tay's MySpace, in her "About Me" section, she wrote when she first started dating Joe, that her Prince Charming is "fully equipped with great hair and an immature sense of humor." (That sounds JUST like Joe, don'tcha think?!)

Now it's crossed out! Look: "But I'm also the girl who still believes prince charming exists somewhere out there -- fully equipped with great hair and an immature sense of humor."

You know we'll keep you updated as this story unfolds!

Let's dish: -Do you think Taylor and Joe really broke up?

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