Did Niall Horan dye his hair purple?!


Hey M Girls,

The 1D guys have been buzzing about changing up their 'dos, but we were totes shocked when we saw this pic of Niall Horan getting his hair dyed at a London salon called "Bleach London". The salon tweeted: "Just doing some funki highlights for @NiallOfficial." Then they posted up the picture above saying: "Do you like your boyfriend's new hair?" LOL!

So, did Niall go with a totally crazy new 'do? Nah -- don't worry Directioners! Turns out the purple is just a chemical reaction from the dye. Niall's locks will be just as blonde as ever!

Let's dish: -Do you think Niall would look good with purple hair? Do you want the boys to change up their hairstyles, or stick to the classics?

Photo courtesy of Twitter

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