Did Taylor Swift write a song about Taylor Lautner?


Hey M Girls!

Taylor's new album "Speak Now" is set to hit Oct. 25, and of course everyone's dying to know if she has a song about Taylor Lautner! When Taylor S was recently asked about it, she said, "You can't ask me that! But I think most of the songs are self-explanatory about who they are about. I can't write songs without them being detailed!"

Hmm..but Tay, who reportedly split with Taylor Lautner around Christmastime, did hint that a song could be about Tay: "Back to December' is the first time I've ever apologized to anyone in a song. I was careless with a boy's heart, and I should not have been."

Plus, she also has a song about an ex, most likely Joe Jonas. "The Story Of Us' is about the conflict and awkwardness you feel when running into an ex in public," she says. Wow--can't wait to hear!

So let's dish: -Do you think "Back to December" is about Taylor?

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